Horseheads Brewing Research Paper

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Everybody needs a place to call home. This weekend Horseheads Brewing helped find homes for area animals. They held a pints for pets benefit to raise money for the Horseheads Animal Shelter.

"We really want to get our dogs and cats exposed, because we are kind of out of the way and we are so small that people don't really know about us. Most of the time you hear about the Elmira shelters and not really Horseheads. Like Chris here, he's been here for a year and we keep them as long as we can until they get adopted," said Taylor Reese of the Horseheads Animal Shelter.

Horseheads Brewing donated a dollar for every pint or flight sold. Between raffles, pint, flight and jug sales, the event raised $577 for the Horseheads Animal Shelter.
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