Horses Of God Analysis

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Horses of God, a Moroccan film directed by Nabil Ayouch, was released in 2012. It was written by Jamal Belmahi and based off of the novel by Mahi Binebine. Cast members such as Abdelhakim Rachi and Abdelilah Rachid helped display a truly unpredictable plot line revolving around the ways in which the suicide bombers of Casablanca in 2003 came to be. While the film superficially seems to be a summarizing narrative regarding the process in which these men became suicide bombers, upon further analysis it becomes much more. By breaking apart what motivated these men into becoming martyrs for their religion, it allows the viewers to understand the attempts at belonging, and proving one’s masculinity and dedication that the men are immersed in. While these issues are tackled in various ways throughout the film, it begs the question of the danger of belonging, one that Holden seems to focus on, as well. When first determining the danger of belonging, it is first important to define what danger is in this specific context. When compared to Horses of God, one could argue that danger could be physical and mental, as the religion seems to prey on the emotions of the men and sacrifices their physical beings. However, when analyzed in the perspective of the men, it seems as if there is no danger, as they are the horses of God and simply hoping they can achieve the greatest honor of Allah and reach their paradise. In this critique, I will be utilizing my personal perspective, in that
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