Horses Poem

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Horses by Edwin Muir

Homework to complete before class analysis of poem.

Directions: select either question one or two to complete for homework.

1. Rhythm: read the poem aloud at least 3 times. As you read it the 3rd time, jot down the rhyme scheme. As you read it a forth time, record your voice. Listen to your recorded voice and write down your observations. What do you notice?

2. Activity: consider for a moment that the poem is written to reflect a fairy tale or bad dream. In the box below, provide support for your choice.

|Fairy Tale |Bad Dream |
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Edwin Muir was born in Edwin Muir (15 May 1887 - 3 January, 1959) was a Scottish poet and novelist. He was was born on a farm in Deerness , Orkney Islands in the remote northeast of Scotland. In 1901, when he was 14, his father lost the farm and the family moved to Glasgow. In Glasgow first his father, then his two brothers, and then his mother died in the space of a few years. His life as a young man in Glasgow was a depressing experience for him, involving a succession of unpleasant jobs. In 1919 he married Willa Anderson (they would later collaborate on English translations of such writers as Franz Kafka and Hermann Broch) and moved to London.Muir published seven volumes of poetry which were collected after his death and published in 1991 as The Complete Poems of Edwin Muir. From 1927 to 1932 he published three novels and in 1935 he came to St. Andrews where he
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