Horses Vs. Vehicles From The United States

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Horses vs. Vehicles In today’s society, we depend on vehicles for everything. Since the invention of the automobile, Americans have had it easy. We have cut back on the amount of time it takes to transport produce, mail, and people. We are now able to travel more freely to see family, seek better employment, and take vacations at leisure. The automobile industry not only effects transportation, but it makes a huge impact on the economy as well. If cars were banned from the United States, Americans social lives would be left in turmoil, as well as our economic future. The produce we buy at HEB comes from all over the world. If we didn’t have vehicles to transport produce to our HEB in Texas that would leave one of two choices; A) we could go without or B) we could grow our own. Americans who lived in desert areas or any area not good for farming would have to move to better farm lands, which would cause overcrowding. American’s uses the mail system more than people realize. The trend, as of the new millennium, is online shopping. If vehicles were banned, online shopping would be almost nonexistent and outrageously expensive. Shopping would virtually disappear due to lack of money and transportation. A lot of woman today use shopping as a type of therapy, what would happen to their sanity. It could cause depression, anxiety issues, and other health issues. People wouldn’t be able to just “up and go” without vehicles. Everyone would have to learn to saddle and ride
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