Horton Hears A Who' by Dr.Seuss

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To start off, I'd like to remind everyone of the movie or book 'Horton Hears A Who' written by Dr.Seuss. In the movie, we meet an elephant named Horton. One day while Horton's walking through the jungle of Nool, a clover flies past him, & a clovers like a little flower. And when it flies by him, he hears noises coming from it, almost like little cries of help! So he chases the clover until he finally gets a hold of it. And within the clover, he meets the 'Whos'. Now the Whos are a huge city of animals, living inside of this little clover. And even though Horton cant see the Whos, he can hear them. He then tries to tell his friends that theres animals living inside of the clover but they all think all this hes crazy so they try to destroy the clover. But Horton protects it with all his life & he tells them that A PERSON IS A PERSON, NO MATTER HOW SMALL. In my opinion I believe that we must protect those who cannot protect themselves, I believe that everybody deserves a right to life just like Horton protected the Whos from being destroyed.

So let me give you an example. If I were to walk down the streets and shoot down a person just because I DON'T LIKE THEM or Want them in my life anymore, that'll send me to jail because THATS considered murder. But why is it…

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