Hosp 310 Complete Course - (Quizes - Assignments - Dqs - Final) - Devry

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HOSP 310 Complete Course - (Quizes - Assignments - Dqs - Final) - DeVry

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week 1 discussion Baby Boomer Demand (graded
Why are the baby boomers so important? What impact do you see them having on the hospitality industry in the next few years? In the longer-term future?Please refer to Chapter Two as you participate in this discussion.

Tip for Beginning the Discussion: Of course, you can draw from your own experience or your homework for the week, but a good way to begin discussing this
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Be sure to post elaborately for full credit.

week 2

Midscale vs. High-Check Restaurants (graded)
How do midscale restaurants differ from high-check average restaurants? What new and interesting trends have you noticed in food service over the last couple of years?

QSR Franchising Pros & Cons (graded)
What are the advantages and disadvantages of QSR franchising from the perspective of the franchisor? Let's discuss the pros and cons of franchise operations from both sides of the table - franchisee and franchisor.

week 3
Discuss the competitive practices of grocery chain stores in your area. How have these businesses begun to engage in competitive practices that are now affecting all of the food service operations in your community?

week 4

The local community lodging industry with its two or three property types makes for an interesting discussion. (1) What types of properties are present in your community, and how have they evolved? (2) How does each meet guest needs? (3) What kind of technology do they apply to serve guest needs? Begin by answering question (1) and (2).

The Internet (graded)
As most of you been doing so far, be sure to post elaborately and include research where appropriate. Remember that solid and elaborate posts will get you closer to full credit in the threaded discussions.
To start this week's discussion - thoughtfully discuss the advantages and the

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