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HOSP 310 Final Exam Answers http://www.homework-bank.com/downloads/hosp-310-final-exam-answers/ HOSP 310 Final Exam Answers Question 1. TCO 6. How are other types of businesses in the community now competing with restaurants? Question 2. TCO 6. Discuss the phenomena of celebrity-theme restaurants. Why do some fail and some succeed? Question 3. TCO 6. Why is the purchasing, receiving, storing, and issuing cycle so critical to the financial stability of a foodservice facility? Question 4. TCO 6. Why do some culinarians take offense at being labeled a “foodservice professional”? Use your knowledge of the history of culinary arts to justify your answer. Question 5. TCO 6. Managed services are thought…show more content…
Question 3. TCO 4. Compare the management structure of a franchise casual restaurant to that of a privately owned and operated restaurant. Outline the reasons for the differences and discuss how one could organize the individual operations. Question 4. TCO 4. Discuss the multiplier effect of tourism dollars on a community. Could you argue that the effect is not always positive? Defend your position with examples. Question 5. TCO 5. Discuss the primary duties of the Director of Food and Beverage. Why is this position so critical in a full-service hotel? Question 6. TCO 5. List the steps in the guest cycle. Is one step more important than another? Why or why not? Question 7. TCO 5. Differentiate between meetings, expositions, and conventions. Question 8. TCO 6. Discuss the importance of matching the restaurant’s concept to the location. Question 9. TCO 12. Discuss the pros and cons of an internship program, a job shadowing program, and a mentoring program. Which do you think is the most effective and why? Question 10. TCO 12. Some argue the Internet has diminished the need for travel agents. Others boast the travel agent offers a unique level of personalized service the Internet lacks. Profile the customer that would utilize a travel agent versus the typical internet

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