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Course Project Hosp 590 Keller Graduate School of Management October 20, 2013 Introduction The event that will be planned will be the wedding between Jenna and Rob. This wedding is themed “A midnight walk in the park” and offers a variety of different activities and amenities for guests. The event will occur at a major Chicagoland hotel with a centralized location to airports, shopping and other tourist activities. One notable impacting factor to the event is the demographic of guests. The bride’s family contributes to over half of the attendees. The bride’s parents have also been divorced for over fifteen years with lots of tension between the families. It will be critical when planning the event that components are added…show more content…
This hotel is not only a great centralized location for a wedding, but also offers other event services and a professional event coordination staff. Using the location check sheet the venue is located just 13 miles west of the O’Hare International Airport and 32 miles west of Midway Airport. The venue also offers parking and hotel rooms on-site for easy guest accommodation. The hotel is centrally located in Schaumburg offering easy access to other local restaurants and three different dining options located directly in the hotel. The hotel is continuously being updated and renovated with recent renovations done to the banquet and events section. These changes help to keep the venue appearing top of the line for wedding locations. While the venue does not offer a complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport they do offer complimentary on-site parking options which would benefit majority of the guests attending the event. Most other amenities such as wireless internet, breakfast, golf, swimming and other activities are located either on-site or within 5 miles of the venue. Floor plans (Renaissance, 2013) can be complimentarily viewed. Anticipation While the wedding day is eagerly anticipated by wedding party members and key stakeholders; it is important to continue generating excitement to other guests

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