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Week 5 Assignment Name HOSP594 Chapter 12 Case Problem: 1 To maintain and hopefully enhance the appeal and quality of its area’s natural resources, the city council has decided that it needs to enact protective laws to help ensure its future tourism success. What specific laws and regulations might these be? Natural Resources are described in the Code of Federal Regulations (40 C.F.R.). The C.F.R. defines natural resources as encompassing land, fish, wildlife, plants, air, water, and other such resources belonging to, managed by, held in trust by, appertaining to, or otherwise controlled by the United States, any State or local government, or any foreign government. Natural Resource laws protect such areas as national parks and…show more content…
They should also consult environmental experts to give you the pros and cons of establishing new buildings in the city. Finally they need to hold a community meeting to discuss the topics of new attractions and zoning, and also to get the perspectives of the community. Chapter 13 Case Problem: 1 Assume that the federal government has imposed an increase in the gasoline tax of 50 cents per gallon, effective in three months. How might a motel franchise headquarters organization estimate the effect on demand that this new tax would have for their member motels, which are located in all parts of the country? How could a restaurant chain organization operating turnpike food services make such an estimate? How could a regional airline? Increasing the gasoline tax of 50 cents would definitely reduce the amount of gasoline brought and sold, and this can have a huge impact for a motel franchise whether if the demand or supply is perfectly inelastic. For a restaurant, we will be looking at raising the price of the food and also implying taxes on shipping food cost. As for the regional airline, a slight increase of the airline ticket will be applied as a sort of taxes (example September 11 fee). The tax revenue will rise and the increase of the tax gasoline will also increase government tax revenues. Case Problem: 2 Byron C. is director of development for a major hotel systems firm. His company has formulated a new concept in resort-type

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