Hosp 594 Essay

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Grace Angelo
Keller Graduate School of Management
HOSP 594
Final Project

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Statement of Purpose a) Company's mission statement b) Brief history of the business opportunity c) Current situation d) What makes the business unique e) Creating value for customers f) Key success factors for proposed business

Name and Legal Structure
Description of the Business a) Management philosophy: vision mission, goals, objectives b) Type of Organization

Description of the concept, licenses, and lease a) Concept b) Pricing

Market analysis and strategy a) Industry analysis, including segmentation in which the concept belongs within the lodging industry b)
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Report projects population growth as well as retail sales growth, along with a demand for additional hotels. Such growth will increase demand for other services and products. Also, with emphasis on room types, outdoor or indoor rooms, overlooking the beach.
There is little competition in the same category as Island Vacation Resort. Most existing establishments do not always give customers excellent customer service. Island Vacation Resort would further distinguish itself as one of those resorts that are innovative, top quality, and "housemade."
It will operate seven days a week under experienced management, headed by myself. Along with the help of my seven Managers.
The personnel needed for Island Vacation Resort are the following:
Managers(7) – Housekeeping, Reservations, Human Resources, Food & Beverage, Front Office, Banquet Manager, Night
General Manager (1)
Assistant managers (7)- Housekeeping, Reservations, Human Resources, Food & Beverage, Front Office, Banquet Manager, Night
Lodge staff (7)
Restaurant Staff (40)
Maintenance staff (10)
Housekeeping staff (15)

Anticipated sales during the first year of operation are $1, 000000, with projected 20% increases during the following two years.
One of the primary goals of this new resort is to provide value to the customer. Sales strategy is to harness the existing Island Vacation Resort booking system that has been critical to the success of all of the area's hotels and

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