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Hospice In my essay I will explain what hospices are, what they do and how they do it. I will also cover who do it to and what their response is to what the hospice have provided them with. This essay will also explain how the hospice is the alternative to euthanasia, pain and suffering. The Hospice movement represents one Christian response to pain and suffering. What is a Hospice? A hospice is a home for the care of terminally ill (People who are dying). The aim of a hospice is to improve the quality of life of the dying person and bring relief to the family members. Hospices are different to hospitals because hospitals cure or treat patients for them to heal and go back into…show more content…
When David died she carried on with this idea but she knew she would have to train as a doctor to get the support she needs. In her studies she concentrated on the study of pain and the use of drugs. During her time training as a doctor she worked at a hospice, this was St Joseph's Hospice that was run by Catholic nuns. She became a practising Christian. This was a very good experience because she could talk to real people with real problems of dying. She realised that the last few weeks of a person's life could be the most important. It was time for her ideas to be put into practise in 1959. She put her ideas on paper for a centre for the dying. She knew what she wanted to cal it: St Christopher's Hospice. She chose the name because the dying are travellers to an unknown place (after death) St Christopher is the saint who look after the travellers. She sent her proposal off as to as many important people as possible. The first St Christopher's Hospice opened in 1967. How do they deal with pain? The St Christopher hospice deals with pain through the use of drugs and Technology. The hospices concentrate with 2 major diseases. The first is Cancer and the second is Motor neurone syndrome. The Hospice aims to improve the quality of life for the patient and relief for their family. They provide pain control because pain is a key figure in which

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