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Hospice Programs
Hospice Programs; A Dignified Death

In the Middle Ages, hospice was a place where sick or weary travelers would stay while a long journey. Today hospice services are available to people who can no longer benefit from curative treatments. As the health care environment is changing at pace that few could have predicted, hospice is very much part of that change (Stair, 1998).
For many years our society and the media has placed an image of death in our heads, of a painful experience, one that is feared by everyone. Although death can be emotionally draining, also can be an uplifting experience. Providing comfort and love and the assurance that life will continue, is truly the biggest gift. Hospices are designated to
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Medical equipment and supplies are provided to assist the patient at home. Under the guidance of the hospice team, family members or friends are often the primary care givers.
About 90% of hospice services are delivered in the patient's home. Respite for the caregiver is provided and patients can be placed up for medication and symptom management. Patients that are able to visit relatives out of town and still be covered under what the program call "courtesy coverage". Patients are also assigned to hospice programs depending on their illness, the type of cancer, and any other chronic conditions and they provide treatments needed (Byrock, 1998).
Care also can be provided in the place that the person chooses to call home whether that is their home or a friend or family member's home. Insurance's including Medicare and Medicaid, cover hospice 100%, which mean the patient and/or family members does not have out-of-pocket expense, providing a sense of security and relief. The hospice program has an average cost of $200 per day and covers all the services provided to the patient.
How do we know a hospice care is needed for a patient? When physicians after exhausting all available treatments and the patient is considered terminally ill, is when hospice care is suggested is the best option. The physician certifies that a patient is appropriate for hospice care, and the patient
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