Hospice Rotation. Introduction. In The Hospice Rotation

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Hospice Rotation Introduction In the hospice rotation of my clinical experience, I had the opportunity to observe the care for a ninety-seven year old female patient whose intitials were BA. BA has many medical diagnoses, but the most visible ones during my time there were: systolic and diastolic heart failure, stage four chronic kidney disease, primary osteoarthritis, and malignant neoplasm of skin. At the time of the visit, there were no family present however, I did notice many pictures of family members in her room. Functional Status The nurse did a good job of performing a physical assessment on BA. According to the functional assessment screening tool for older adults, I believe that a lot of these areas were focused on. BA’s…show more content…
Throughout the whole visit, BA remained sitting in her reclining chair with both legs elevated. She also had a nasal cannula on which was set at a rate of two liters of oxygen per minute. BA does not have any dentures when asked, but two of her front teeth were missing because someone fell on her “twenty something years ago”. BA had one bowel movement the day before, and the nurse got excited and said “that’s great!” so I assume she was having issues before. The nurse had told me that BA wears adult diapers, so she made sure that BA’s bathroom were stocked in the correct size. BA tells us that she has “no pain” today, and still takes all of her medications as prescribed. She also has an emergency necklace that she wears at all times, in case she falls or feel if something is wrong. Overall, BA’s strengths were cognitive function and nutrition. She was very attentive and shared with us appropriate responses. She also had a great appetite, and was aware of the foods that she needed to cut back on. In terms of functional needs, social support and elimination seem to be of concern. Feeling a sense of loneliness can affect one’s self perception and BA explained to us how she wishes her kids would talk to her more (insert source here). Regarding elimination, BA wears adult diapers and had only had 1 bowel movement the day before. If the diapers are not changed
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