Hospice SWOT Analysis

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Internal Strengths Weaknesses Core values surrounding Hospice mission is internalized by providers. Hospice provides more hours of skilled and unskilled care for clients than competitors. Hospice employs respite care through in house facilities. Hospice owns equipment and supplies to provide to customers. Physician and other primary providers offer home visits for client convenience. Hospice offers comprehensive admission process and routinely reviews needs of client to increase care offerings when needed. Significant follow up and aftercare services offered by social workers. Challenges of unskilled staffing turnover. Challenges of unskilled staffing scheduling and flexibility. Respite care facility has ever fluctuating patient load. Initial referral to completed intake admissions is longer than two weeks. On call staff is centralized rather than regionally spread. Contracted nursing staff from home care agency does not always understand hospice billing and provision issues. Owned equipment and supplies are often in need of repair and staff sometimes fail to keep accurate inventory and order on time of need. External Opportunities Threats Increase in overall awareness of hospice benefits in the community. More private pay insurances in addition public pay options available to individuals for Hospice benefits. Largest number of referring regional primary providers in the history of the organization. Opportunities for growth and expansion to provide
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