Hospital Construction Designs and Equipment: Birthing Floor Plan for Obstetric Units

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The article will focus on the regulatory necessities for the unit development and the rule's impact on the design and equipment installation in the units. Elements of color selection and the implications of noise will be discussed to realize its effects on patients. There will be a list of all the equipments and electronic devices that need to be installed for efficiency during operations. Budgetary inputs and cost estimates will be provided, and the roles of stakeholders in facilitation of the project and development will also be reviewed. A Gantt chat will be used to illustrate the manner in which the implementation plan has to be conducted. Hospital Construction Designs and Equipment
The obstetric unit in hospitals is one of the major departments of any hospital that needs to operate 24 hours a day to the emergent nature of patients. The services offered in the unit are, provision of labor and delivery services to patients, care for patients during the postpartum period, provide newborn care services, undertake surgeries when necessary, transport high risk babies and mothers for advanced care units. Similarly, evaluation of patients who are in labor experiencing abnormalities in both pre-labor and post birth periods, and any other…
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