Hospital Flow Diagram Paper

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Results: The CONSORT flow diagram for study is shown in figure1. Patients who finally analyzed were 42, 90 in group I and II respectively. Patients' demographics and stone criteria are displayed in table 1. Success rate was 90.5% (38/42) and 97.8% (88/90) in groups I and II respectively with statistically insignificant difference (p = 0.3). Complete stone retrieval without fragmentation was achieved in 35 patients (83.3%) in group I and 74 patients (82.2%) in group II. Stone migrated proximally in 4 patients (9.5%) in group I and only 2 patients (2.2%) in group II in whom procedure ended by ureteral stenting (table 2). Mucosal injury was observed in 3 patients (7.1%) and 4 (4.4%) in groups I and II respectively. No major complications were faced in either…show more content…
Despite this fact that was noticed also in our study; we do not think it would result in this great decrease for the need of post ureteroscopy stenting. We had no significant difference between the two groups concerning minor intraoperative complications. We noticed mucosal injury in 3 patients (7.1%) in emergency group and 4 patients (4.4%) in delayed group. Hematuria also was observed in 2 patients (4.7%) in emergency group and 3 (3.3%) in delayed group. These results were comparable to those reported by Sarica et al who found no significant difference between the two groups in terms of intraoperative complications [7]. No major complications such as perforation or avulsion were noticed in our study. This was comparable to the results of Matani et al who reported serious complications in 0.7% of patients [6]. Nevertheless; we did not conduct a cost effective comparison. We recommend conducting prospective studies on larger scale to confirm the principle of emergency
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