Hospital Information System

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Hospital information system The organization selected is a private healthcare delivery institution. The organization has a wide variety of healthcare services, which are broadly divided into outpatient, inpatient, and surgery units. The mission of the organization is to offer all its customers effective and timely healthcare. The information system to be reviewed is instrumental to the attainment of the mission. The hospital's information system is integrated to offer versatility and efficient management of resources across the organization. The system supports operations such as clinical services, procurement, inventory management, human resource management, as well as equipment monitoring. The system offers a good link between data and people in the organization. The use of technology in support of core operations within an organization helps in enhancing accountability and efficiency. The core elements that constitute an effective information system include human resource to operate and manage the system, hardware components, software, hospital data, and a data network across the organization to offer interconnectivity (Luftman, & Hunter, 2005). The hospital owns the information system but a system administrator manages it with the help of online support from the developers of the system. The system adopts a client server architecture where the clients are located on the workstation the employees implementing different processes of the organization. The role of
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