Hospital Management Information Management System

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Objective At present the health care system of Bangladesh faces major challenges. We are unable to provide even primary medical care to our people let alone secondary and tertiary medical care. The current scenario of information flow in most of the hospital in Bangladesh presents a paper based, time consuming, inefficient system leading to problems of inefficient utilization of resources and problems to patients. All these problems and poor coordination – are closely connected to our failure to use health information technology as an integral part of medical care. Not only that we face difficulties in retaining specialists in non-urban areas. The distribution of specialists in Bangladesh is indeed lopsided. With these problems in…show more content…
3. Existing Scenario in Most of the Hospitals in Bangladesh Providing medical care to citizens is the constitutional obligation of the government of Bangladesh. The constitution of Bangladesh mandates that, “It shall be a fundamental responsibility of the state to attain, through planned economic growth, a constant increase of productive forces and a steady increase in the material and cultural standard of living of the people, with a view to securing to its citizens (a) the provision of basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care.”[1] But the present situation is far away form what is written in the constitution. Bangladesh, a least developed country, with an infant mortality rate of 6.5 per cent, 75 per cent child birth without trained attendant, 90 per cent children with some malnutrition, prevalence of hypertension among 12 per cent of its population has posed a major challenge to arrange efficient medical treatment for them at affordable cost. There is only one hospital bed for 3151 people, one doctor for 4572 and one nurse for 8460 which is one of the lowest ratios in the world. Per capita government expenditure is only 26 dollars whereas a country like Maldives spends 220 dollars per citizen a year. [1] Current situation in most of the hospitals with respect to access to health care is far from satisfactory. It is often assumed that the

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