Hospital Management System

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Proposed Title of the Project: Computerized Hospital Management System in Zimbabwe. 1.0 Background of the Project/ Introduction Through preliminary literature survey/review on I.T management systems in Zimbabwe it can be noted that hospitals have not fully computerised their data management systems. Most hospitals still rely on manual data capturing and storage mechanisms. Such traditional data management systems are prone to many errors, faults and biases through the human factor (the personnel who capture and manage the data).As a result, a lot of data gets lost, distorted or destroyed through the long paper work involved. This causes a lot of inconveniences and difficulties in accessing data that is stored manually. This…show more content…
There may be a chance of failure since it is manual. A simple fault of the system may lead to inconvenience and also cause a vast destruction. So these faults make the system less effective and performance of the system is very slow. Hence, there should be a system to overcome all these defects and provide the users with more facilities. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE INTENDED SYSTEM In the proposed system everything is computerized. The system provides all the details regarding the hospitals, its details, and soon. The users can search the required data easily within no time. A very less number of people are required to handle the system. The patient 's need not wait for long time to fulfill his requirement. There is no chance of any failure in the system, which improves the performance of the system and also increases the efficiency of the system. Though this system is very beneficial a minor failure in the server or else the computer leads to a major loss of data. 1.1.1 Expected Outcomes • The research project will contribute new programming insights in the field of Information Technology with particular reference to hospital management. • The proposed research project will offer a flexible and user friendly I.T model for hospital management. • The project seeks to improve the easy documentation, storage and filing of various Information Communication Technology (ICT) data for both the hospital management and
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