Hospital Organization: The Layers of Management

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How many layers of management are there? Based on the information provided in the flow chart, there are four layers of management within the Division of Nursing and Respiratory Care Services at the San Joaquin General Hospital. The top layer of management is the Hospital Director and David Culberson fills this position. Reporting directly to the hospital director is the Director of Nursing Services, Erlinda Bolor. Directly beneath the Director of Nursing Services are two Assistant Director of Nursing, positions that are filled by Kim Tomasi and Jackie Bagatta. Based on the organizational flow chart, the assistant directors of nursing are responsible for overseeing five departments each, in addition to the SAFE Program and House Supervisors. The final layer of management is the Department Managers, of which there appear to be 13. The director of nursing and Assistant Directors both have supervisory duties over two Clinical Nurse Specialists, but the Director of Nursing and Assistant Director Bagatta supervise the Respiratory Manager FTEs, House Supervisors, and three Department Managers under the supervision of the House Supervisors. Where does most of the staff work? The majority of the staff would probably be employed within the individual departments. Among these departments, Department Manager Robin Brummitt supervises the nursing staff in Medical-Surgical Unit, Case Management, Medical Group Management, Social Services, and Managing General Underwriter. The only
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