Hospital Security Breach

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As we know in today’s society it’s becoming extremely challenging to secure critical information. It is vitally important that every medical professional takes responsibility in ensuring that the patient’s condition and information is held in the strictest of confidence. A review of the deficiencies that yield security breaches can be addressed by the following measures: The computer systems have a fail-safe component whereas the system shuts off after two minutes of inactivity. Additionally, there should be layers of sign-on passwords to ensure exclusivity this should solve the on-going problem of various area of unauthorized log-on’s. Next, a point person needs to check and verify that these security protocols are adhered to, so that passwords…show more content…
These individual were four community professionals with medical access at the hospital, medical assistant, an intern research student. Nevertheless, the community doctors have access to all electronic records but only usage is to view information related to a patient’s care. The doctors provided their logon and passcodes to other employees in the hospital to use. Which considerably is an offense toward hospital policies. Also, the student with temporary access viewed patient’s records that require high level access. According to David Blake, the privacy officer stated the there is a “High level of security” along with good privacy policies. In fact, they decided to bump up security restricting the access to information and limiting the direct access to certain patients. Also, being aware of privileges and performing audits they can keeps up with who accessed classified medical
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