Hospital Supplier Going Above and Beyond, Angeica Medical and Hospital Export Center

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Company name: Angelica Medical & Hospital Export Center
Industry: Medical & Hospital materials straight from Manufacture of goods
In 1985, Angelica Medical & Hospital export Center which started its business manufacturing medical materials to government funded projects and military bases overseas. Over the years Angelica Medical & Hospital export center has progressed to go over and beyond to earning the trust of customers, organization and our most valuable asset; which is our People. The company was formed to focus and dedicate the growing demand of global marketing through innovative product, reach, awareness and services. Angelica Medical & Hospital export center is the manufacture and exporter of Hospital Supplies and our product are
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Examples of aspects we monitor are our supplies sites, production data and performance; also have personal monitor our cargo planes to and from shipment. All results are evaluated and used to optimize AMHEC product and service quality. In order to promote any product, we need to find out counties with high and growing levels of purchasing power are good choices for companies looking for attractive global markets. Good example of these markets would be Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia. An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses in AMHEC organization internal environment that set aside from the rest would the performance of the product and reliability. Our customers will buy at a large volume to receive much lower price and faster service. In weakness would be shipping quality, how fast our service is delivered, and our performance of the product and the price of our product. An assessment of the opportunities and threats in its external environment in AMHEC would be the product performance and our problem solving process. In threat would be price trends with the other competitors, technology is always evolving and new product. Anand Medical exporting is located in India. Is one of the companies I am basing my fictional start-up company on. Anand Medical exports and manufactures aesthesia products, baby care equipment, diagnostic equipment, hospital furniture, hospital hollowares,
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