Hospital Tablet Recommendation

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Best Practices and Recommendations: Tablet Selection for Use by Healthcare Practitioners White Paper Date: April 16, 2016 Contents * Overview and Background * Criteria for Consideration * Operating Systems * Security, Legal and Regulatory * Hardware * Recommendation Overview and Background A large, local hospital has requested consulting assistance with a technical research and specification project related to the selection of a tablet device for use in their medical practice. This tablet will be used by personnel for medical and administrative purposes throughout the hospital. Criteria for Consideration The following criteria have been considered as part of this evaluation: Operating System:…show more content…
While software selection criteria were not in scope for this effort, it does warrant discussion on the overall availability of specialty software for the medical industry on iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Currently, most of the “MCA’s” or Medical Clinical Assistant platforms operate in a Windows-only environment, as do most of the key medical records and billing platforms in the medical field. The cost of custom software development to build a mobile solution is far beyond the budget of most local hospitals and not an endeavor to be undertaken lightly. Legal, Regulatory and Security Concerns There are a multitude of patient privacy (HIPAA) and patient information concerns related to the use of technology in medical care. Selection of the proper hardware, operating systems and system software make the compliance with and documentation in support of these regulations far easier. The Android and iOS operating systems have recently introduced features such as enforced encryption that have made them useable in PCI and HIPAA compliant environments. The Windows OS has supported PCI and HIPAA compliant elements for some time. It is critical to keep in mind that PCI and HIPAA compliance is challenging; simple features such as encryption and two-factor authentication availability assist in making a device compliant but do not guarantee compliance.
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