Hospital Volunteers In The Hospital Environment

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Hospital volunteers are crucial to the hospital environment. The hospital volunteers are people who interact with the patient if the parent can’t make it on time because of a meeting or simply are there when a kid needs help with his math homework or is bored of watching T.V.. Kids also seek out advice from different people that are not their family. A lot of the kids at the Children’s Hospital in Aurora have been there their whole life and volunteers tend to make a great connection with them after each shift. Most of the volunteers are white because of the connections their family members can make and they can get a good reference when filling out the application to become a volunteer. At the Children’s Hospital of Aurora there are not many Hispanic women volunteers that are college educated. These young women have a lot to say when it comes to volunteering at the Children’s Hospital. A young woman named Sarahi has been a volunteer at the Children’s Hospital at Aurora for 2 years. Sarahi started volunteering because she loves people and her family is always supportive of helping those in need. She encourages hispanic people to not get discouraged when volunteering because some parents might not want the help from the hispanic people. She says, “There are a lot of people out there who do not want to see us because we are hispanic but sometimes we are the ones who help out more…”. Sarahi has been a volunteer and helping people even though she receives a lot of judgement
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