Hospital 's Measure Quality, The Potential Cost And Failure Of Quality For Memorial Hospital

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Memorial Hospital is a large hospital that is privately owned. Memorial hospital provides services that are basic for most large hospital facilities similar in the area, like lab, x-rays, emergency room, intensive and cardiac care units and psychiatric ward. One goal the hospital has is paying close attention to each patient, by offering quality care at an affordable price. In this essay we will discuss ways that the hospital might measure quality, the potential cost and failure of quality for Memorial Hospital and discuss each measure, discuss ideals or techniques from TQM that Janice could use to help Memorial ideals on providing quality healthcare as well as analyze the methods memorial could use to assess the quality of health care it is providing. Memorial Hospital is not trying to compete with the other hospital in the area by having all the up to date equipment, they just want to offer affordable quality healthcare. The quality of the hospital and patient care will set them aside from all of the other hospitals.
The hospital can begin to improve their quality by asking the customer (patients) evaluate the quality of care during their stay at the hospital. This could be done by follow-up phone call to the patient’s home once they leave the hospital, or a short survey, before leaving the hospital. Tracking the patient’s complaints and trying to resolve them. If the customer makes a formal complaint, by giving their names, then the issues can handles and offer the
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