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Introduction Meanings of the term ‘Hospitality’ is the natural gesture in welcoming and taking care of the fundamental needs of guests in accommodation, beverage and food. Presently hospitality characterizes as the association between a host and visitor. Individuals when stay far from home, the organizations or association that give nourishment and drink to them are known as the hospitality industry (Mackenzie, Chan 2013). Hospitality industry is a wide industry inside the administration business that comprises of the lodging, restaurants and tourism. The hospitality business is a multi-billion dollar industry that relies on upon the accessibility of relaxation time and discretionary cash flow. Hospitality advertising helps organizations give genuine worth to focused on clients and at last tackle client issues. Restaurant is retailing organization that provides foods and beverages to customers. Restaurants are described as the eating locations, but apart from it they also provide takeaway and delivery services. This term has diversified styles of cuisine and service. The range of restaurant can vary from ordinary to expensive lunching or dining places, with formal food to superior food and to fast casual to quick service restaurants (Mackenzie, Chan 2013). The restaurant business is regularly considered piece of the friendliness business and utilize various unique sorts of employees, from cooks and servers to administrators and barkeeps. Regularly connected with or

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