Hospitality At The Walton Arts Center Essay

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Hospitality can be a wide range of different jobs that can be found in travel, food, entertainment, and lodging. I find hospitality in the entertainment industry to be the most interesting. Depending on what kind of job it is, you can work with artists or actors, front of house or back of house. Everyday will be different. There are so many different routes you can take with hospitality, which is why I am interested in it. Live music, for instance is one of my most favorite things; to be surrounded by music, sounds like an enjoyable lifestyle to have. Those thoughts have created my reality to where it is at now. I currently work at the Walton Arts Center and the Walmart AMP doing artist hospitality. I make sure we have everything on the rider as they specified. I am who the artist goes to for anything throughout the time they are at the venue. I occasionally get to watch the performances while I have some down time, which is really nice. Working long fourteen hour shifts can get tiring though, at the end of the day, I can say I still enjoy what I do. I see getting experience early and getting my foot in the door, will lead to amazing opportunities in the future. I hope to eventually work artist hospitality at music festivals, and do as many as I can, along with many other gigs. What I do not see myself doing, is working in the hotel industry. I don’t see it as amusing or enjoyable as the other jobs available out there. I feel it is a very laid out kind of job with tasks

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