Hospitality, Hospitality And Leisure Industry

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In today’s world, hospitality is one of the most important, powerful and profitable industries globally. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the largest industry in the world is Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure, which accounts for almost 11 percent of world GDP (WTTC, 2014). Also, People 1st‘s State of Nation Report for 2013 survey results found that hospitality and cruising industry is responsible for one out of eleven jobs in UK. Cruising industry is closely related to hospitality industry. The global cruise industry offers one-of-a-kind vacation experiences because cruises take place in the most exotic and beautiful locations globally. For year 2014, cruising industry have to expect a significant growth. According to Cruise Lines International Association (2014) “cruise line members are looking forward to a positive year of growth with a 2014 passenger forecast of 21.7 million-that means a growth of 0.4 million passengers in relation with 2013- worldwide guests on 63 lines, according to data released in the association’s annual State of the Cruise Industry findings. To meet demand, these member lines will introduce 24 new ships in 2014-2015 adding a total passenger capacity of 37,546, representing a capital investment of approximately $8 billion in ocean going and river cruise categories. Because of the importance that these particular industries have, there are lots of issues which are pressuring. The scope of this essay is to prove with documented…
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