Hospitality Industry Is A Multidisciplinary Skill Based Setup

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Hospitality industry is driven by a simple goal: to offer our customers an impeccable service and to give them the best experience. No matter what the statutes define, the principle of hospitality is ultimately based on the employee’s cultural, ethical and social beliefs and how the vocation is influenced by it. The hospitality industry is a multidisciplinary skill based setup where being hospitable is a behavior that transcends economic or social status of a family and concentrates on being kind, courteous, and helpful towards your guest, which reinforces the stand of the principles of hospitality being central to a vocation in the hospitality industry which also works vice-versa.
The concept of hospitality is as old as civilization itself. The first elements of hospitality were recorded in the ancient times by the Sumerians (Who lived in what is now Iraq) In about 4,500 Years B.C.E. They moved from being hunter-gatherers to growing crops, which, due to surpluses, they were able to trade. More time became available for other activities such as writing, inventing money, creating pottery, making tools and producing beer, which was probably safer to drink than water. Taverns served several beers, and as with today, provided a place for locals to relax and enjoy each other’s company (Walker, 2014, p. 10).
Hospitality is a Host-Guest relationship or a social expression in public arenas, individuals display both their connectedness to the society and display their culture and
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