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Hospitality Management Effect of Branding and Customer Loyalty on Hotel Industry in Hong Kong Name: Joy W Tutor’s Name: 9/1/2010 Abstract: The hotel industry consist of a wide range of fields within the service sector that provides various hospitality facilities including accommodation, food and beverage, business meetings and events, leisure amenities, entertainment and recreation and tourism services. Being one of the dominating sectors in the service industry, hotel and hospitality services plays a big role in contributing to the economy of a country. In recent years, one of the most important factors affecting the hotel industries along with the entire service sector is considered to be branding. A successful branding strategy…show more content…
Hotels and restaurants are a major unit of the industry that offers accommodation or lodging facilities, food and beverage, meeting and events facilities and many more visitor and tourism facilities. A large number of civilisations across the world travel to different places and countries every year for a business or office purpose, to spend a holiday or leisure time with their family and friends or for the tourist attractions of the country. The hotels and restaurants provide them all facilities of accommodation, food, entertainment and recreation, tourism services and any visitor information. There are many famous and popular hotels and restaurants around the world which attract travellers for their highest standard of luxury, unique sophistication, surroundings and extensive hotel facilities and services. This study will investigate how the hotel industry of Hong Kong accomplishes their customer loyalty through branding and to what extent branding affect customer loyalty. There would be various chapters divided in many different parts which will explore the study and discuss about the topic in depth. In this chapter the main aim and key objectives of the study will be discusses with the rationale behind choosing the topic will be justified. The next chapter will introduce to the economy of Hong Kong and how the hotel industry contributes to the economy of the
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