Hospitality Strategic Review: Marriott International Inc

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Hospitality strategic review: Marriott International, Inc. Introduction Marriott International, Inc. is one of the world's leading lodging and contract services companies. The company has its roots in the restaurant industry, beginning with a chain of 'Hot Shoppes' begun by J. Willard (Bill) and Alice S. Marriott in 1927. In 1957, "another business segment made its debut when Marriott's first hotel, the Twin Bridges Marriott Motor Hotel, opened in Arlington, Virginia" (History of Marriott International, 2012, Funding Universe). After its restructuring during the 1980s, "Marriott's three core businesses became lodging; food and services management; and food, beverage, and merchandise operations at airports and on turnpikes" (History of Marriott International, 2012, Funding Universe). Today, Marriott is heavily diversified within the hospitality industry: "Marriott International has two operating groups: Marriott Lodging, which generates about 60 percent of company revenue, and the Marriott Service Group, its contract services operation" which operates contract services such as food and facilities management and senior living facilities (History of Marriott International, 2012, Funding Universe). Mission and vision The slogan that defines Marriott Hotels is 'putting people first.' This not only encompasses how the company treats the guests that pass through Marriott's doors, but also its employees. "We believe our strength is rooted in our core values: putting people
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