Hospitality Supervision

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Contents Introduction 03 Purpose of the Assignment 04 How the Assignment was Planned, Organized, Researched, Monitored, and Carried out 04 Problems Encountered Due to Do this Assignments 05 Supervisors Hand Book 06 Stimulated Interview Activity 47 References 51 Introduction Supervision is very essential factor in the hospitality industry. The effectiveness of any organisation depends on its workforce. Supervision is important as a means of promoting managerial accountability. It also offers staff and their managers the opportunity to identify problems, acknowledge achievements, plan action together and improve motivation for improved individual and project…show more content…
I got some ideas when he explained each by each with examples and I took some notes. Then students we discussed about how can be collecting the information to do the assignment. This assignment is a composition of both individual and group assignment. However, we were allowed to work as a group of four, in order to do the training session. As we know each other and very good understanding of each other’s strengths and weakness due to doing assignments that we have already up loaded. Also we have our contact phone numbers and Email addresses of each members of the group and other class mates, so all the information were shared and we communicated with each other if any problem occurred. 1. Firstly our lecturer clearly explained well with using examples about the assignment. It was exactly new way for me. Because when I studied my previous six modules in Srilanka the lecturers who do not have much knowledge about the assignment and they taught well only us the chapters one by one. 2. I went to Ilford town library and referred some books which are related to hospitality supervision and also got some information related to assignment. 3. I served the internet and collected the information related to my assignment. I collected lot of information from London hotel school extranet and
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