Host Country Political and Legal Environment Affect of Airasia in International Marketing

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COMPANY AIRASIA Content a. Introduction b. Company bibliography c. Entry mode to international market (through exporting, joint venture, franchising, licensing, etc) d. How do the international market / culture, management styles and business system affect the company performance? Do they have to adjust / alter their product or services to fit with the host country market needs? How does the company face the competition? e. How does a host country political and international legal environment or trade barrier affect the Malaysian companies in their international marketing activities? Bagaimana sebuah negara tuan rumah persekitaran politik dan antarabangsa undang-undang atau perdagangan halangan menjejaskan…show more content…
All these efforts not only helped to improve productivity, it also further strengthened employer-employee relationships. In summary, human resource management, particularly the ability to motivate and improve productivity of the staff is surely Air Asia’s strength. g) Innovation Resources and Product Development So far, AirAsia has managed to design its aircraft cabins that can minimize wear and tear, cleaning time and cost. This innovative work allows for quicker turnarounds between flights and helps increase revenues. In addition, AirAsia is also able to leverage on innovative ideas to derive substantial ancillary revenues from additional services. For instance, the companies also have their own branded credit card and offers corporate travel services. Consequently, it also develops aircraft advertising by converting its planes into “flying billboards”. The ability to innovate and come up with unique innovations to lower costs and increase revenues shows that AirAsia possesses substantial quality innovation resources that are valuable. h) Reputational Resources Air Asia’s success has been widely recognized. For instance, in 2003, it was named the “Developing Airline of the Year” (by Air finance Journal) and the “Asia Pacific Airline of the Year” (by Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation, CAPA). In

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