Hostage or Non-Hostage

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Nicky Shepard September 19, 2013 CJ 407 Midterm Dan Terry PART 1 In this scenario 26 year old Bradley has involved his self in a non-hostage situation. This is considered non-hostage because of his emotions. He thinks his wife is having an affair with her college professor. Bradley is in the Pre-contemplation Stage in which he sees no reason to change and is likely to resist suggestions that he change. Validating Bradley’s lack of readiness to change by making his resistance normal; supporting his effort to re-evaluate his behavior and situation; and using reassurance, empathy, sharing commonalities, humor, being non-judgmental, and active listening during this stage. Kelln and McMurtry (2007) suggest that during the…show more content…
In considering Bradley’s demands I don’t think I would provide him with alcohol, because things could go wrong or maybe even deadly if he was under the influence of alcohol. I would have to consider the safety of the hostages and would explain to Bradley that I need for him to have a clear mind and don’t want him to cloud thinking by drinking alcohol. I would suggest he ask for something else to replace the alcohol. PART 3 I do not think it would be wise for the tactical team to assault the classroom, because the longer a hostage situation lasts, the more likely that it will end peacefully. Nobody is hurt and it may just take a little more time to talk Bradley down and he may release everyone without anyone being harmed. If the tactical team go in there might be some people killed and I don’t think that is necessary to harm innocent people because it’s been three hours. I would communicate the importance of utilizing more time to talk Bradley down. The more time that is allowed the most
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