Hostile Takeovers By The United States Essay

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The United States government has had a long history of playing a dirty hand in the overthrow of foreign nations governments, through economic, militaristic, and clandestine ways. Since, the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani, the US government has been meddling in world affairs in countries thousands of miles away. America's leaders have always labeled meddling in the affairs of other countries, the ones the public knew about, as restoration of freedoms to the peoples of that nation, or trying to stop the spread of communism. The result of this paper is to explore the reasons that the US government chose to validate their interference in the governments of foreign nations, and the effects those decisions had on the current worldly situation.…show more content…
The economic interests in those countries ranged from the corporate interests in the telephone and copper industries of Chile, the agricultural land of Honduras, in Iran and Iraq it was about securing stable, cheap oil supplies, and Nicaragua was due to Zelaya's liberal ideas that hurt American interests and caused José Santos Zelaya, to be labeled as a tyrant by the US government. Starting with the earliest overthrow of a foreign government after Hawaii would be Nicaragua. The chief American interest in Nicaragua was the strong interest in the building of a canal across Nicaragua. It was regarded to be the site of the Pan-American canal, cutting across the center point of Nicaragua, was supposed to be a great economic triumph that may have brought Nicaragua from the present state it is now in, into a possibly more stable state. The proceedings that resulted from the failure of a private company that congress had sponsored to start dredging off of Nicaragua's Atlantic coast, but went bankrupt soon after starting it. The only group of people who were excited for this failure, were a group of french landowners who owned the land across the Panamanian isthmus, where French engineers had unsuccessfully tried to build a canal earlier. If the french landowners could find a buyer for the land that they owned, they had the prospect of becoming very rich. The french landowners went ahead and hired a skilled New York lawyer, to lobby
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