Hostpa, Inc.: A Case Study

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Note from Jerry Low - Our web host interview section has gone silent for a long time and I am glad to bring you a new interview post today (finally!). In this post, we have HostPapa CEO, Jamie Opalchuk, in the interviewee seat. I am grateful to have Mr. Jamie to answer my questions and clear some of my doubts about the company Hostpapa, Inc. FYI, Canada based hosting company HostPapa, Inc. has been around for a decade (the site, was created in October 2005); the company was named 27th Annual PROFIT 500 Ranking of Canada's Fastest Growing Companies last year. Jamie Opalchuk was one of the speakers at HostingCon 2014; and has been the key person behind Hostpapa since day one.

Without further delay, here goes my Q&A with Jamie Opalchuk .

Introduction: From Lemonade Stand to Canadian Tech Startup
Hello Jamie, thank you very much for being
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We will be introducing other services in the future that will be seamlessly integrated into our overall client experience including further hosting options such as Windows Hosting, WordPress Hosting and strategic launches with supporting services such as online marketing solutions, mobile and telephone services, and cloud-based tools like online storage and apps such as customer relation management (CRM).

hostpapa staffs
HostPapa employs roughly 120 people and is hosting approximately 500,000 websites.
Hosting Plans: Starter vs Business vs Business Pro
According to your websites, clients who sign up on HostPapa’s Business Pro Plan will get extra fast server - namely “Rocket Fast Premium Servers”. How are these servers different from the other two (Business and Starter Plan)?

Great question, Jerry.

HostPapa’s Business Pro hosting plan was conceptualized in response to some of our clients who expressed their need for more speed and power without necessarily incurring the additional investment associated with VPS or even dedicated
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