Hot Dogs: Hold the Buns Essay

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Hot Dogs: Hold the Buns
The stale scent of sweat, dirt, and the scintillating steam of a freshly cooked hot dog waiting to be gobbled up invites fans when stepping into a sport arena or field. The hot dog is one of America’s celebrated entrees whether this deli meat is eaten at a sports event, a picnic, or a family round lunch; but to me, this versatile frankfurter link is more significant. Growing up, my paternal grandmother must have cooked dozens of hot dogs to satisfy my midday cravings as a child, and the memory of grandma serving this meal will thrive. Serving the boiled hot dog on a pasta sauce stained plate; it was always accompanied by the side order of buttered egg noodles and a pickle. Why is this meal so important though?
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Whether it was a cold winter night or a hot summer day, I was greeted with the lingering smell of a home-cooked meal from my grandmother’s neutral colored kitchen. I would always be sure to take my shoes off before crossing the decades old brown tile. Walking into the kitchen, I already know that the special of the day or rather the special of the years at my grandmother’s house was a boiled hot dog with a side of buttered egg noodles and a dill pickle quarter. As far as I can remember, my grandma would always fill my request to serve this meal, not only because it was a personal favorite of mine as a child, but because it was a simple yet pleasing meal. At the drop of a hat, grandma would rise from her pink Lazy Boy chair from the living room, and shuffle in her slippers to the kitchen when lunch time came around. The hot dog was a more than satisfactory meal as a child for me and the cravings for this entrée is instilled in me. As grandma would boil the link of meat while hovering over her stove, I, along with my cousin who was just as accustomed to this meal, would wait at the each end of her kitchen table. While grandma would rather make my cousin and me a healthier meal, she always chose to fill our requests to satisfy our hunger.
Preparation of the hot dog was simple. Grandma would always insist on cutting the hot dog for me or my cousin, even when we were at a mature and knife appropriate age.
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