Hot Fire Fuel Injector Cleaner

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Hot Fire Fuel Injector Cleaner Trade Campaign There is a famous saying that I have always heard since working in both the marketing and business fields that I am involved with as an employee. The promotion that will be used for Hot Fire Fuel Injector Cleaner holds true to that quote originally cited by Plautus (n.d.), “You’ve got to spend money to make money.” The main focus should be on the fact that the fuel injector cleaner works. By promoting to both retailers and consumer this fact attached to a racecar endorsements, Terry Welsh can gain the trust necessary to sell the product. Adding a consumer guarantee, Hot Fire Fuel Injector Cleaner also provides a promise of quality to both the retailer and consumer. The company is ready to expand nationally, therefore they need to invest in a trade promotion that will draw a retailer to consider the product. The main objective here is getting Terry Welsh’s product, Hot Fire Fuel Injector Cleaner, onto the shelves of major and local retailers, along with being used by body shops. Terry must strategically create a plan that will be affordable to himself, along with being persuasive enough for some retailers to self his product. Slotting Fee Promotion At this time, it would be best for Hot Fire Fuel Injector Cleaner to offer a slotting fee, combined with testimonials from the retailers and customers who are already using the product and samples. Although “controversial” (BOOK), it is not an easy task for an unrecognized company to
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