Hot Seat Case Summary

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The way the businesses have evolved during the last few decades is magnificent. The 21st-century globalization has led to countries working together closer than ever. Therefore, it has become imperative for businesses that operate on an international scale to sensitize themselves of the culture, customs, norms and linguistic practices of various countries they deal with in order to bridge differences.
In the case study of Manager’s Hot Seat, a newly appointed manager, Mr. Michael Sokoloff assumes responsibility for foreign accounts during the closing stages of negotiating a big business deal. He fails to understand why the Japanese businessperson Mr. Norio was very hesitant to close the deal. Mr. Sokoloff could not comprehend the fact that he was dealing with a businessman from a different culture without understanding or trying to learn the Japanese business culture. Furthermore, he was not attentive to the visible artifacts and more importantly the
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Sokoloff’s failing negotiation was very evident when he did not put in any effort to grasp that Japanese culture dictates longer periods of small talk during business negotiations. This helps them to establish a personal connection. According to the Japanese culture, it is imperative for businessmen to develop a personal and trusting relationship with their business partners before making any deals. Furthermore, Mr. Norio’s point person in America was Mr. Roger with whom he had developed a personal friendship. Transferring Mr. Rodger at this stage of a business deal was a blunder committed by the company. This decision by the company led to Mr. Norio’s distrust towards the company and its employees. He was very uncomfortable and had no intentions of discussing or concluding the deal with the company with somebody else at the helm of affairs. Although Mr. Norio, in fact, tried his best to establish a connection with Mr. Sokoloff, he received a very dismissive and direct message and felt forced to sign a
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