Hot Topic And Nike Comparison

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Have you ever went to a grocery store or a retail shop and received bad services? Did you want to go back to the store after they treated you so poorly? One thing I have learned from working in a grocery store is that no business can be successful without the support of their customers. In this paper, I will be comparing and contrasting two major companies, Hot Topic and Nike. By comparing these two successful companies, I will prove that companies have no chance of success unless they take care of their customers. I will compare their missions and history. These comparisons will prove that good customer care is the key to any company's success.
First, I will compare these companies’ missions and tell you how their mission
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For example, according to the article “Nike Motivates Athletes to Find Their Greatness,” Nike created a movie to inspire athletes. It is about athletes all over the word finding their greatness. This is a good example, because it's not only gets athletes inspired, it makes them want to buy more products from Nike. This is because they were inspired by Nike. As you can see, these missions are not just to better someone's life. They also aim to inspire their customers. These mission statements prove that these companies are successful, because a business cannot be successful without customers. These missions cause customers to be more involved in these companies, which makes their day. We learned while reading Fish! by Stephen Lundin, that making the customer’s day will make a business successful. For example, in the book the quote “The playful way we do our work allows us to find creative ways to engage our customers,” (Lundin, Paul, and Christensen 66) proves that making their day makes a business successful. This is proof, because the Pike Place Fish Market uses this philosophy and they are very successful. Nike and Hot Topic make their customers day by getting them involved in their businesses. Hot Topic gets customers involved by donating a portion of customers’ money to foundations to help kids participate in music. Nike gets customers involved, by…show more content…
A track and field coach, Bill Bowerman, and a middle-distance runner, Phil Knight, founded the company with only $1,200. The Company, Nike, was name after the Greek goddess of Victory. This was so they can inspire their customers when they looked at the name. A waffle iron is what the first Nike shoes were made in. This shows how Nike shoes were like before they became so successful. Bowerman innovated shoes when he realize that shoes should be grooved on the sole to give runners grip. So customers will realize that Nike products help them and they would want to buy more. The idea came to him when he was making waffles with his wife. Just like Hot Topic, Nike sells their products internationally, showing the growth of their businesses. Another example that history of taking care of your customers makes a business successful is in the book Fish! The Pike Place Fish market took care of their customers and they were successful. The third floor of First Guaranteed Financial did not take care of their customers and they were not successful. They wouldn't answer phone calls and they hung up on customers. When they started taking care of the customers, they became
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