Hot Tub Mystery

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The Hot Tub Mystery Part 1 – The Discovery Questions 1. What observations did the paramedics make? Upon discovery and close investigation on the crime scene, the paramedics made am inquisitive observation due and do took notice of the temperature of the water in the hot tub. 2. List the questions raised about this situation or that you think that the investigators should ask of the maid. Since the maid was the only person who is discovered in the crime scene, it is only appropriate to ask about what she knew regarding the situation. Also, the investigators should also check the background of the maid to see if there are any motives or presumptive connections between her and the victims. 3. List…show more content…
The said BAL is also enough to disable most of the normal functions of the brain and body. Part III – The Final Report 1. How does the body regulate blood pressure? Some of the normal physiological reactions of the body to regulate blood pressure is to modulate the heartbeat of the person and/or adjust the expansion or constriction of the arterial walls and blood vessels to normalize the pressure. 2. What were the specific effects of the Lasix, hot water, and alcohol on the couple’s blood pressure? Hot water, Lasix and alcohol are known to reduce the blood pressure of a person and if these three substances were taken at once then its reduction effect will become highly significant or can even posts certain danger for the person. 3. What could the body have done to reverse the decreasing blood pressure, if it had been possible? Probably, the bodies of the victims can reverse the decreasing blood pressure by increasing the heartbeat and constricting the arterial walls to initially increase the pressure to normal rate. 4. Identify several procedures that might have helped save the couple if they had been found unconscious but still above the water and alive. Several first aid treatment could have been done to the couples to reverse their decreasing blood pressure condition if they were found above the water

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