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8 North American Regions as Hotspots Reviewing the requirements for a hotspot makes the fact that the North American Costal Plain is 1 of only 36 hotspots in the world makes this fact so much more aspiring. When looking at a map it is clear that the North American Costal Plain starts in Mexico and goes all the way up into Massachusetts, and Louisiana is completely nestled into this plain. Looking closely into different regions of the North American Costal Plains shows that even though these regions are all a costal plain they each have their own setting and unique characteristics. To reflect on why the biodiversity varies, this paper will explore some of the North American Coastal Plain briefly. The first region is the Appalachian region, which is found in the Appalachian Mountains but is not only mountainous. This region is a great to find natural resources with a climate that is affected from two different oceans. The larger animal species would survive mainly on trees and shrubs that produce cones. The next region is the Coastal Plains, a low flat lying area near a seacoast. The climate here does not stay at a steady level it fluctuates between cold temperatures in the winter and hot temperatures in the summer. The Costal Plains are subjective to hurricanes, which are useful to biodiversity. The major problem happening to Costal Plains are the rising sea levels and the eroding shoreline. The third region is the Great Lakes-St.…show more content…
All of the regions are great and diverse, but being that I have grown up all my life in Louisiana, I would have to say that the Coastal Plains are my favorite. It is my favorite because of course I am biased, but because it has beautiful scenery and nature that changes to something even more beautiful if you travel about two hours in any direction. This exact reason is why the Coastal Plains are
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