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Comparison and Contrast Essay Hot and Cold Weather Comparisons Albert Weyant COMM/215 - Essentials of College Writing September 15, 2012 Dr. Nancy Reynolds Hot and Cold Weather Hot and cold climates will be discussed and the different comparisons between them. I will state my opinions and objectives pertaining to the two climates. The differences I will discuss are the climates, activities, and locations. Millions of people prefer to use the two different climates to accommodate themselves when the climates are in a comfortable temperature for them. Each year many lives are lost…show more content…
Australia has extreme heat and dust that makes their climate hot too. Cold – Within the United States, Alaska, and most of the northern states are known to very cold during the winters, and become less traveled and not as preferred as the warmer climates. Outside the United States, Canada, and Greenland have very cold winters. In Greenland they may never see summer. Conclusion Hot and cold are very different types of weather. They can adjust to both as long as they are not extreme. The difference is that they can only cool themself down inside where there are air-conditioning systems in the extreme heat. As long as they are prepared, with the right clothing, they can stay outside. Both climates require hydration, but it becomes magnified in the heat. My preference is the cold. I can always put more clothing on to keep warm, but I will not be doing any exercising in it. I could not do them in the heat anyway. The heat just makes me feel like not doing anything. I enjoy the cold weather sports, maybe because as I mentioned, the heat makes one lazy. Living in a hot climate may be the reasons for my preference. References The American Heritage. (2005). Climate. Retrieved September 15, 2012,

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