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CHP in the Hotel and Casino Market Sectors

Prepared for: U.S. EPA CHP Partnership December 2005

Prepared by: Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc.

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CHP in the Hotel and Casino Market Sectors

Note: This report was initially released in December 2005. In November 2007, EPA completed an addendum to this report containing updated market information. The 2007 addendum can be found on the CHP Partnership Web site at

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Destination casinos and resorts seek to broaden the appeal of their facilities, i.e., attract more people, and to provide a variety of attractions so that guests will lengthen their stay. These new resorts offer gaming, shopping, golf, multiple entertainment venues, meeting and conference facilities, time-share condos, residential units, and other features. The addition of these multiple uses and components makes facilities much larger than

Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc.


Hotel and Casino CHP Market Assessment

they used to be and creates a correspondingly larger but also more diverse energy load that can be met by CHP.

Existing CHP There are currently 98 hotels in the U.S. with CHP systems, representing over 63 MW of capacity. California contains the most CHP equipped hotels in the country by a large margin with New Jersey and New York coming in second and third. Due to the load profiles of hotels the majority of CHP systems that are installed are under 500 kW. Figure ES2 shows this size dispersion with an equal amount of systems falling in the 0 to 100 kW and the 100 to 500 kW categories. The systems in the larger categories are mainly located at resort hotels with larger campuses that require more power. There are three hotel casino resorts with CHP systems, two of which are in the largest two categories with

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