Hotel Chain Of Hotels And Resorts

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1 Introduction
Marriott group of hotels and resorts is an International leader in hotel Industry owning more than 3700 properties making it one of the broadest range of brand portfolio holders in the world. Marriott chain of hotels was founded by Mr. J. Williard Marriott in the year 1950 when he started with two motels. The first motel was established as an airport motel near Washington and served as a quality Inn while the second motel was set up near the Twin Bridges a few years later. The second motel gave Marriott the much desired brand name and Marriott took off one of the most successful hotel chains and never looked back.
2 Context and Research Rationale
The research problem is based on the study of green or environmentally friendly strategies adopted by one of the top hotels in UK- Marriott hotel, Regents park London and whether such strategies have an effect on some intangible variables of marketing such as guest behaviour and guest satisfaction or loyalty.
The answer to why is this a research problem is because hotels usually have positive attitude towards green strategies but they do not see it as a viable marketing strategy, which impacts their core competency in the business. Most of the big organisations follow green strategy to play it safe rather than using it as an effective guest retention strategy. There is a gap in the research done towards identifying the relationship between adopting green strategy and its impact on business growth factors such as
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