Hotel Database System

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Introduction: At present, we are living in an era of science & technology. We cannot think of our modern life for a second without technology. For technology, the most important part is “INFROMATION TECHNOLOGY” or IT. In the modern world, any business firm or any organization, without IT is totally unable to cope up or run their business firm smoothly. Without IT, a firm is considered out of the world. We can consider IT as an asset for a firm. It not only makes easier our day to day activities, but also adds many benefits and enables a firm to give better services to its consumers. For any kind of business organization, in its IT sector the most important part is a DATABASE SOFTWARE. A DATABASE SOFTWARE could help a firm in many…show more content…
Each customer will be given a unique number. It will be known as Customer No. Each customer can be identified by using this Customer No. Customer will get information about rooms and facilities of the hotel. Whether the room is already booked or not, the category of the room; like- deluxe or executive deluxe, whether the room has air conditioner, rent for the room etc. information can be known from this system. The customers can also be able to purchase goods or services from the near-by stalls or restaurants and others with whom the hotel has contract. The hotel will make contract with some stalls, restaurants, shopping malls, clubs, transportation companies, river sight businesses. According to the contract, these businesses will allow our customers to purchase goods or services on account by showing a particular card issued by the hotel. Their bills will be sent to the hotel and hotel will pay those bills at that time and add the bill with the customer’s total bill. But all the customers will not get this opportunity. If any customer wants this facility or our Exclusive Payment Service, he or she needs to pay a little amount of fee. Again the customer needs to deposit certain amount of cash in the hotel as security. When the customer will check out he or she will get back that money. All these transactions will be recorded and maintained by the database system. They will also be able to borrow loan from the business
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