Hotel Dracul Dracula And Society In Dracula

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In today’s media, it seems everything is always sending some sort of message to the audience whether it be a subconscious ad or societal norm. Many movies, commercials, and other platforms of media have hidden subliminal messages and meanings into them and some are out in your face obvious references to someone or something. Hotel Transylvania is no stranger to this idea by having specific themes and small messages to portray a much larger norm or ideas that are common in society. To get an idea on the movie, the plot revolves around a vampire named Dracula, or Drac as he is referred to, owning a hotel that houses monsters and is human free. That all changes when a human named Johnathan enters the frame and begins to cause trouble but in the end, everything works out. The movie was a big hit and appealed to many young children but while some of the messages went over their heads, it left some things for adults to ponder on. It hits on many solid points and shows many of today’s problems and customs and how others may perceive them. To see how this movie depicted society of today, one must critically look at the movie and see just how it can show society and in ways, distort it. To begin to understand the movie, one must look at the question of how the movie reflects its social context and how it goes about showing it to the audience. The movie was released in the year 2012, so using that information it is safe to say it was being planned in 2010 or 2011 around the time of

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