Hotel Industry/Marriott Analysis

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Hotel Industry/Marriott Analysis Analysis of the Hotel Industry Industry Profile The need for lodging for individuals after traveling a great distance from home has been around since mankind began living inside of dwellings. To serve this need, hotels, or as they were more commonly referred to, inns, were created as a means to accommodate these travelers. In fact, the first recorded inn in America opened in 1607. Since their introduction they have grown in complexity, amenities, price, and number, however, their purpose has remained to provide paid lodging typically on a short-term basis. Despite a common purpose, it is said that “hotels are as different as the many family and business travelers they accommodate.” Today there are…show more content…
Lastly, one of the world’s largest chains is the Choice Hotels International, Inc. Its 4,200 independently owned and operated locations include the Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Quality Inn, and Econo Lodge. As is true in nearly every industry due to the recent economic downfall, the hospitality industry is in the midst of making changes that will increase efficiency in hopes of cutting costs. One technological trend that hotels are benefitting, as well as being hurt by, is the increasing popularity and use of the internet, in particular sites like,, and The hotels are achieving a higher level of efficiency due to the booking being done by third party vendors without having to occupy their staff. It has decreased the number of phone calls that hotel front desk staffs received drastically. Furthermore, customers tend to believe that the process is easier and more satisfying since they are in control. However, this trend has also brought about a drop in hotel prices. Due to the ease of comparison made possible by these sites, hotels are finding themselves competing very heavily on prices. Before the emergence of these sites customers’ price comparison of hotels was very limited. However, today, customers can simply press the “Sort by: Price (Lowest to Highest)” button and instantly compare hundreds of hotels in an area. Therefore, hotels are trying to achieve efficiencies in other ways. For instance, in the newer hotels
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