Hotel Management System

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PROJECT PROPOSAL 1. INTRODUCTION Hotel reservation system plays a great role and has a potential effect on day to day performance measures, this type of system have highly evolved from decades due to high demand for their use, effective and efficiency in any given institutions. Due to the rapid change of technology the use of such system has become a necessity to any given high learning institution for better performance and be used with quite a large number of users at the same time but it can save time, resources and creates awareness of the evolving technology. 1.1 PROBLEM STATEMENT Although technology is rapidly changing almost at the speed of light, some Hotels are still using manual reservation system to check in/out customers,…show more content…
The following methods were used observation, interview and research. Through observation done on how the paper based evaluation is carried out it was discovered to be a very tedious excises that consumes lots of time, resources’ and has great influence from the management hence providing inaccurate information, also interviews results indicates that ways in which information is gathered and analyzed has lots of errors due to assumptions used according to the interview carried out with the corresponding hotels managers and lately various research done shows reservation system is highly preferred to paper based due to its, timely information, accuracy, time savior and effective resource management. 2.2. SUGGESTION It’s a creative stage wherein new functionality is envisioned on novel configuration of new existing or new elements that I have included to improve the functionality of reservation system by: * Switching from paper based reservation system to Hotel Reservation system. * Introduction of new features such as search that will ease communication process and quick retrieval of information’s. 2.3. DEVELOPMENT Waterfall Model (J.S. Gangolly, 1997), development methodology is the chosen one for the development of Hotel Reservation system project. VB.NET will be used for script writing, Microsoft Access as the main database server, internet information server (IIS) as web server for the system, due to flexibility
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