Hotel Opening Human Resources Case Study Essay

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A. Tall Pines Corporate Strategy and Human Resource Management Strategy mutually interact through direct influences on each other and both are subject to effects of the economic conditions within their environments. Major economic conditions that exist in favor of Tall Pines are the growth in population and local government programs. The local population is at 1.9 million which is forecasted to steadily increase for the next fifteen years. Riverton has also put an Economic Development Committee into action which is highly supportive of the Tall Pines Center, especially considering the tax revenue they will be giving the city and the state. Other aspects of corporate strategy that may interact with HR strategy are Industry Structure, …show more content…
Their Distinctive Competence may have the ability to raise the acceptable level of work required from employees.

C. Human Resource Management Strategy has influence over competitive strategy in a couple of clear ways. For example, corporate strategy wants Tall Pines open by May 1st, so HR strategy will satisfy the corporate needs by using the successful method of Attract, Retain, and Motivate. This is done by Attracting employees from the pool of unemployed workers in the region. Retaining them by training an effective and efficient labor force for Tall Pines Conference Center as well as, offering a benefits package with promise of a raise in six months. Motivating their new labor force by helping them to learn and obtain useful knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as providing transportation to and from work. A quote from a representative of the Roosevelt city Office of Job Services proves this interaction to be true saying, "Employers have to offer good jobs, good transportation, and a lot of encouragement to get people to apply." Another example of HR strategy influencing competitive strategy is shown by the grand opening date of May First not being pushed back due to lack of a work force. With about a quarter of the labor force that is needed to run the hotel efficiently and effectively Director of Personnel Natalie explains, "It became clear that many